take a wild guess (vitamincece) wrote in guessmyheritage,
take a wild guess

Double Reveal: me and my friend

my original post

Most Guessed: Mexican, close second with Filipina, and third Chinese

Real: 1/2 Chinese (mom's side) and 1/2 Romanian/German/Russian/probably more Euro Jewish (not sure of exact percentages) on my Dad's side
Guessed Correctly by: No one, although quite a few people picked up that I am part Asian.

I liked that no one guessed only Caucasian... I have issues with people thinking I'm "White" only.
My friend, the other reveal here, was amused that I got guessed Hawaiian and she didn't since she is and I'm not.

the post of my friend

Most Guessed: Italian and Greek

Real: Hawaiian, (Açorean) Portuguese, Norwegian, Scottish, Irish, German, Native American
Guessed Correctly by: No one, but people happened on partially correct guesses.
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Ethnic Ambiguity fun fun fun.

And, thanks that's so sweet of you :)